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Why joining
Our plans are designed to provide a good balance of:

Comprehensive cover

Affordable rates

No penalties if you use the DSPs (designated service providers)
No underwriting if you join within the required period
Join now and pay later - contributions deducted at the end of the month only

Transmed Medical Fund focuses on three key areas of member healthcare:

Affordable Day-to-Day medical services like doctor's visits, dental appointments, optical needs and prescribed medication
Affordable Hospitalisation through private hospitals and state hospitals depending on the health plan chosen by member(s)
Chronic condition medication where long-term medication is required in cases like asthma, diabetes, high-blood pressure, epilepsy and other conditions that need continuous medication.
Transmed Medical Fund facilitates early detection tests to ensure any serious condition is picked up early and also provides free access to Hello Doctor, a mobile phone-based service that gives you 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to doctors. You can get expert health advice from qualified South African medical doctors through your phone, tablet or computer at absolutely no cost to you! Just download the app, request a call, and the doctor will phone you back within an hour.
Wellness Coach Programme to support members with chronic diseases
Transmed's Account Executives do regular site visits to all of the Transnet Group Business Units to assist members with queries and membership related issues.

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