Designated Service Provider Networks

Please click on the links below to view and print the service provider lists for the various plans: 





Designated Service Provider (DSP) Private Hospital Network for Private Network plan


Hospital Network List 


General Practitioner (GP) Network list and Specialist Network for Private Network plan members only - with effect from 1 July 2016


Find a Network GP and Specialist


Communication to Private Network members


Designated Service Providers for State Plus Network 


Please call Universal Healthcare on 0861 686 278 or email: to locate a GP, Dentist or Optometrist within your area.



Designated Service Provider Pharmacy Network for Private Network, State Plus Own Choice and Guardian plans


Please click here to look for pharmacies in your area: 




Designated Service Provider - ICPS (Independent Clinical Pathway Services) for the Guardian Plan Joint Replacement Benefit


Please click here to view the ICPS Provider Network list for 2018.



Designated Service Provider - Ophthalmology Management Group (OMG) Limited for State Plus Own Choice and Guardian plans


Please click here to view the Ophthalmology Management Group (OMG) Limited Network list.



Dental Risk Company (DRC) Network


Please click here to view the list of DRC providers.



ICON Network


The Fund's designated service provider for oncology benefits is the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON). To view the ICON Network list of providers, please click here.



Designated Service Provider websites


Universal Healthcare   


PPN Network    


Dental Risk Company (DRC)