Oncology Risk Management

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The Oncology Risk Management Programme is specifically designed to effectively manage cancer patients. The primary function of the Programme is to pre-authorise oncology treatment and to interact with oncologists regarding treatment plans for cancer patients. The ultimate objective is to ensure that patients receive the care they require and to optimise the oncology expenditure according to members' available benefits. The Programme includes member education, the promotion of wellness and pre-authorisation which grants access to medicine and hospital benefits.

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Care coach

The Programme offers direct access to a specialised oncology care coach. The care coach will work closely with the patient, the healthcare provider and the oncologist to ensure co-ordinated care.

Oncology Case Managerclose
  • Specialised Medical Advisors who Pre-authorise oncology treatment
  • Assess medication
  • Provide clinical advice
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Referral to support groups
Icon Oncology Provider Network

Icon Oncology, formerly the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON), is the Fund's network provider for oncology services.

Fund benefits

Most types of cancer are covered under Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs), this offers complete coverage as long as it complies with legislation. The care coach can advise on these requirements.

For non-PMBs, the care coach can advise on usage of medical benefits.

Cancer treatment

  • 1
    Download the South African Oncology Consortium (SAOC) application form
  • 2
    Print and complete the patient details and medical aid details sections
  • 3
    Your healthcare provider or oncologist must complete the rest of the form
  • 4
    Once the treatment plan is approved, the oncology care coach will inform your healthcare provider

Oncology Risk Management Programme information leaflet

The Oncology Risk Management Programme aims to ensure that the treatment of cancer is done in an effective and affordable manner in co-operation with your oncologist. We understand the implications and fears that are associated with cancer, and we strive to provide sound and effective care within your Fund benefits. Read more about what this programme has to offer.

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