Chronic Medicine Risk Management

Momentum Health Solutions

Transmed Medical Fund has contracted Momentum Health Solutions to provide a service to our members who require treatment for their chronic conditions. The Chronic Medicine Risk Management (MRM) Programme is dedicated to managing chronic medication use in a manner that is beneficial to the health of members and to ensure quality care through integrated healthcare and holistic patient management.

phone0800 450 010 (working members and pensioners/Select and Prime Plan)

phone0800 110 268 (SATS pensioners/Guardian Plan)

phone0800 122 263 (doctors and pharmacists)

mail_outline[email protected]

Expert Assessment and Advice

To ensure that the correct chronic medication has been prescribed, our panel of pharmacological and medical advisors will assess the medication in accordance to guidelines and suggest alternatives.

We also endeavour to provide advice and information regarding chronic conditions.

Enhanced Authorisation Process

With our medical experts and technology, we have made our Chronic Authorisation Process highly efficient, so we won't keep you waiting on authorising the medication which you require.

Written application process

(All plans excluding Link plan)
  • 1
    Download the application form
  • 2
    Complete the applicant's section.
  • 3
    Ask your healthcare provider to complete the practitioner's section of the form.
  • 4
    Both the member and the healthcare provider are required to sign form
  • 5
    0800 122 236
    Chronic Medicine Programme
    PO Box 15079

Telephonic application process

(All plans excluding Link plan)
  • 1
    Ask your Healthcare provider to contact the chronic medicine programme
  • 2
    The consultant will obtain all relevant details about your application from your Healthcare provider.
  • 3
    The application will be processed.
  • 4
    Your Healthcare provider will supply you with your medication or a prescription which you can take to your pharmacy.
  • 5
    A copy of the authorisation letter will be issued to you.
  • 6
    An authorisation period will be indicated for each approved medication.

Chronic condition medicine baskets

Transmed applies chronic medicine baskets or formularies, which are lists of medicines that consist of generic and original medicines, which will be reimbursed by the Fund subject to clinical protocols. The medicines on a formulary make up a 'preferred' list, while the medicines that may attract co-payments are referred to as 'non-preferred' medicines.

Chronic Medicine Risk Management Programme information leaflet

Application form Chronic Medicine Programme

Chronic medication advance supply request form

Chronic condition medicine baskets

List of conditions covered

Explanation of reference pricing