Introducing the

Access these brilliant features

Benefits made easy

Find benefits information applicable to your option. Once you’ve selected a particular category, you can also check your benefits usage (used and available) against relevant limits, where applicable.

Accessible information

Need your information quickly? View your option details, member number, total monthly contribution, Annual Medical Limit or Medical Day-to-Day information (if applicable), Multiply status and Fund contacts at a glance.

Use the “My Membership” menu to effortlessly check your membership profile with the Fund, contribution payments and claims history, including rejection reasons, where applicable. If struggling to find a particular claim, refine your search by using the filter function provided. You can also view hospital, chronic and other authorisations using the Pre-authorisations lookup function.

Your app also serves as a virtual membership card if you’ve forgotten to bring it along to your Healthcare Provider or pharmacy.

Medicine lookup

Seeing a new Healthcare Provider and you’ve forgotten which medicines you’ve used? Consult your app for a list of medicines you’ve used and when they were dispensed.

Access these brilliant features

Find a Healthcare Provider

Take advantage of our useful Healthcare Provider search to find Healthcare Providers, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities near to you.

Remember that you can save money and limit your out-of-pocket expenses by using our contracted network providers (GPs, Specialists and dentists), where required for your chosen benefit option.

Need Documents?

Easily and conveniently request copies of important documents such as tax certificates, membership certificates and claims statements for download or email, without having to call.

Membership Card

You can also request a new membership card to be posted to you, and we even provide a virtual card on the app, that can be used while you wait for your actual card to arrive.

Family Access

This app is not only for principal members. You can grant access to your beneficiaries aged 12 and above, to download and access their personal Fund information.